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Aug 27 2018 | New Scientist | Posted In: Health, Media, Voices of MBL
Alia Crum was featured in a New Scientist article about the role mindsets play in shaping our health
Aug 23 2018 | TIME | Posted In: Health, Health Care, Voices of MBL
Alia Crum and collaborator Ted Kaptchuk were featured in an article in Time Magazine titled, "People Are Now Taking Placebo Pills to Deal With Their Health Problems—And It's Working." 
Aug 20 2018 | Springer | Posted In: Health Care, Voices of MBL
Kari Leibowitz, Emerson Hardebeck, Parker Goyer, and Alia Crum published a paper in the Journal of General Internal Medicine on the benefits of physician assurance. 
Jun 18 2018 | Stanford Catalyst | Posted In: Exercise
The project "Motivating Mobility and Health on a Global Scale," on which Alia Crum is a co-PI, won this year's Stanford Catalyst Award. This interdisciplinary project is a collaboration between faculty from 16 different departments at Stanford. Over the course of three years, it seeks to motivate...

Rina Horii wins Robert Zajonc Award

Jun 13 2018 | Stanford University | Posted In: Friends of MBL
Mind & Body Lab senior Rina Horii was selected by the Stanford Psychology Department as the recipient of the Robert Zajonc Award for her honors thesis on mindsets about food.