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Jul 6 2020 | The Paper Gown
Kari Leibowitz publishes article in the Paper Gown, the Zocdoc blog, about the nocebo effect. 
Apr 26 2020 | Stanford News
Researchers at the Stanford Mind & Body Lab have launched a project exploring people's perceptions of and reactions to the coronavirus in the United States.
Sean Zion, Alia Crum, and collaborators at the Stanford School of Medicine publish paper in Trauma Surgery & Acute Care Open titled, "What constitutes a ‘successful’ recovery? Patient perceptions of the recovery process after a traumatic injury" 
Feb 14 2020 | Emotion
Alia Crum, Jeremy Jamieson, and Modupe Akinola publish paper in Emotion titled, "Optimizing stress: An integrated intervention for regulating stress responses."
Jan 9 2020 | Preventive Medicine Reports | Posted In: Exercise, Health, Voices of MBL
Octavia Zahrt and Alia Crum publish paper in Preventive Medicine Reports about how health guidelines and recommendations influence people's mindsets, behaviors, and perceived health.