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Feb 1 2022
As a guest on the Huberman Lab podcast, Alia Crum discusses the profound influence that our mindsets about stress, nutrition, exercise, and disease have on our lives. 
Dec 13 2021
Kari Leibowitz, Lauren Howe, and Ali Crum publish paper in BMJ Open titled "Changing mindsets about side effects." 
Dec 13 2021
Parker Goyer, Ali Crum and collaborators publish paper in Emotion titled "Thriving Under Pressure: The Effects of Stress-Related Wise Interventions on Affect, Sleep, and Exam Performance for College Students from Disadvantaged Backgrounds."
Dec 13 2021
Danielle Boles, Brad Turnwald, Rina Horii, Taylor Duarte, Octavia Zahrt, Ali Crum, and collaborators publish an article in Frontiers in Psychology titled "Can exercising and eating healthy be fun and indulgent instead of boring and depriving? Targeting mindsets about the process of engaging in...
Jan 6 2021
Kari Leibowitz interviewed by Stanford News about how her research on wintertime mindsets in Norway can help us navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.