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Kari Leibowitz awarded Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship

May 16 2018 | Stanford University | Posted In: Friends of MBL
MBL graduate student Kari Leibowitz was awarded the Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship, one of the greatest honors Stanford gives to a doctoral student pursuing interdisciplinary research.

Alia Crum wins Teaching Award

Apr 12 2018 | Stanford University | Posted In: Friends of MBL
Alia Crum was awarded the 2018 H&S Dean's Award for First Years of Teaching at Stanford. This award recognizes faculty for their dedication and commitment to outstanding teaching.
Mar 6 2018 | World Economic Forum | Posted In: Health, Voices of MBL
Alia Crum presented at the 2018 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Click to watch her talk.  
Feb 22 2018 | New York Times | Posted In: Exercise, Health, Media, Voices of MBL
"[Zahrt and Crum] found a strong correlation between people’s dying early and their believing that they were relatively inactive, even if their accelerometer data indicated that they were getting as much exercise as others their age in this group."

MBL Honors Thesis Students Awarded Sterling Prize

Jan 30 2018 | Stanford University | Posted In: Friends of MBL
Rina Horii ('18) and Steve Rathje ('18), both honors thesis students in the Mind & Body Lab, were awarded the J. E. Wallace Sterling Award for Scholastic Achievement. The Sterling Award is one of Stanford's most selective recognitions of a student's overall academic performance.