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Apr 25 2019 | Health Psychology
Kari Leibowitz, Emerson Hardebeck, Parker Goyer, and Alia Crum publish paper in Health Psychology investigating the mechanisms and moderators of open-label placebos.
Mar 1 2019 | NPR
NPR writes story about recent MBL paper, "Changing patient mindsets about non-life-threatening symptoms during oral immunotherapy: A randomized clinical trial" published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice.
Jan 28 2019 | Stanford News | Posted In: Health, Health Care, Media
Stanford News writes story about recent paper by Lauren Howe, Kari Leibowitz, Maggie Perry, Alia Crum, and colleagues: "Stanford psychologists find that a positive mindset can make children less anxious about mild but uncomfortable symptoms that arise during treatment for peanut allergies." 
Jan 22 2019 | New York Times | Posted In: Health Care, Media, Voices of MBL
MBL members Lauren Howe (postdoc) and Kari Leibowitz (PhD student) discuss the importance of healthcare provider warmth in a New York Times Op-Ed.
Jan 9 2019 | New York Times
The New York Times publishes article about MBL's recent paper, "Learning one’s genetic risk changes physiology independent of actual genetic risk."