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Current Courses Taught by Dr. Crum

Dr. Crum is actively teaching the following courses at Stanford University (view complete list of courses offered by Psychology Department here)

Psych 20N: How Beliefs Create Reality

This seminar will take an interdisciplinary approach to exploring how subjective aspects of the mind (e.g., thoughts, beliefs, and expectations) can fundamentally change objective reality. Over the course of the semester, students will be challenged to think critically about research from psychology, sociology, and medicine, which suggests that what we think, believe and expect plays a significant role in determining our physical health, performance and well-being. Students will explore research on how mindsets about nutrition, exercise, and stress can alter the body's response to those phenomena. Students will also uncover how social interactions with friends, family, colleagues and the media influence the perceived quality and impact of cultural products such as art, music, and fashion. And students will learn about the neurological and physiological underpinnings of the placebo effect, a powerful demonstration of expectation that produces real, healing changes in the body. Finally, students will have the opportunity to consider real world applications in disciplines including policy, business, medicine, academics, athletics and public health and consider the ethical implications of those applications. Throughout the class active participation and an open mind will be critical to success. The final weeks of class will be dedicated to student designed studies or interventions aimed to further explore the power of self-fulfilling prophecies, placebo effects, and the social-psychological creation of reality.

Psych 70: Introduction to Social Psychology

Topics related to the influence of other people on individuals' thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Factors that affect the way that we perceive ourselves and others; how people influence others; how persuasion happens; what causes us to like, love, help, or hurt others; and how social psychology helps to understand quesions about law, business, and health. Fulfills WIM requirement.

Psych 195: Special Laboratory Projects in the Mind & Body Lab

Independent Study.  May be repeated for credit or for grade. Prerequisites: 1, 10, and consent of instructor.

For more information on independent study courses in the psychology department, click here

Previous Courses Taught by Dr. Crum

Psych 298: Advanced Studies in Health Psychology (Stanford University)

Managerial Negotiations (Columbia Business School)

Interpersonal Dynamics (Yale School of Management)