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In Press

Crum, A. J., Jamieson, J. P., & Akinola, M. (in press). Optimizing Stress: An Integrated Intervention for Regulating Stress Responses. Emotion.

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2016 and earlier

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Crum, A. J. Mindsets and Health. (Review and Theory Article).

Crum, A. J. & *Handley-Miner, I. J. Placebo effects in behavioral health. (Review and Theory Article).

*Boles, D. Z., DeSousa, M., *Turnwald, B. P., *Horii, R. I., *Zahrt, O. H., *Duarte, T., Markus, H. R., & Crum, A. J. If exercising and eating healthy is boring and depriving, it’s no wonder we are fat and sick: Mindsets about the process of being healthy provide new insights for motivating healthy behaviors.  


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