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May 25 2017 | Health Psychology | Posted In: Nutrition
Brad Turnwald, Dan Jurafsky, Alana Conner, and Alia Crum found that America’s top-selling chain restaurants use less enticing language to describe their healthiest foods compared to the rest of the food on their menu. While standard items were described with words that emphasized taste, fun,...
Apr 13 2017 | JAMA | Posted In: Health, Voices of MBL
Alia Crum and Barry Zuckerberg discuss how a deeper understanding of mindsets and how they are shaped by the patient-clinician conversation can move health care beyond the vague recognition that patient-clinician communication matters toward a more sophisticated understanding of when and how...
Mar 21 2017 | LLAMA Podcast | Posted In: Voices of MBL
Alia Crum is interviewed by Peter Bowes about the role of mindset in health & lifestyle choices on the LLAMA Podcast, which is explores issues related to human longevity.
Mar 9 2017 | Health Psychology | Posted In: Health, Voices of MBL
Lauren Howe, Parker Goyer, and Alia Crum explore the influence of physician characteristics on placebo response.
Feb 27 2017 | Stanford News | Posted In: Health
Stanford scholars encourage more healthcare professionals to place emphasis on the importance of people’s mindsets and social context in healing.