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Jul 20 2017 | Health Psychology | Posted In: Exercise
Octavia Zahrt and Alia Crum find that individuals’ perceptions about their level of physical activity strongly predicted mortality, even after accounting for the effects of actual physical activity and other known determinants of mortality.
Jul 20 2017 | NPR | Posted In: Exercise, Voices of MBL
Feeling less fit in comparison to others might trim away years of life, according to a recent study published by Octavia Zahrt and Alia Crum.
Jul 20 2017 | The Guardian | Posted In: Voices of MBL
Mind & Body Lab honor student, Steve Rathje ('18), publishes article in the Guardian on the effects of framing and metaphors. 
Jul 13 2017 | New York Times | Posted In: Health Care, Voices of MBL
Lauren Howe reports in New York Times article that for some patients, particularly those battling weight issues, a doctor’s declarations of personal fitness may not have the intended effect of attracting new patients. Instead, rather than inspiring them, it can drive them away.
Jun 19 2017 | CNN Health | Posted In: Nutrition
Labeling food with indulgent words may make people feel more satisfied when eating, according to a recent study published by Brad Turnwald, Danielle Boles, and Alia Crum.