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Sep 28 2016 | Simple Psychology | Posted In: Voices of MBL
Annie Graham has started a blog that seeks to communicate psychological insights in an altogether different way from how such insights are typically conveyed through popular media. 
Sep 16 2016 | Stanford Medicine | Posted In: Friends of MBL
Abraham Verghese, director of Stanford Presence and an MBL partner at Stanford Medicine, is to receive the National Humanities Medal. Congratulations Abraham!
Aug 4 2016 | NYMag Science of Us | Posted In: Stress
Explores how to harness the power of stress.
Jul 23 2016 | The Economist | Posted In: Stress
New research shows that even severe stress can have an upside.
Jan 29 2016 | SPSP | Posted In: Health, Voices of MBL
Lauren Howe, an MBL grad student, wrote about a presentation Danielle Boles, an MBL research assistant, gave at the SPSP Annual Convention about research looking at health mindsets.