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Feb 15 2017 | BMJ | Posted In: Voices of MBL
Alia Crum and colleagues argue that acting on the growing evidence about the influence of patient mindset and social context on response to healthcare can improve outcomes.
Jan 16 2017 | Outside | Posted In: Health
How our minds push our bodies to defy expectations, beliefs, and even our own biology—in short, to make miracles
Nov 22 2016 | PLOS ONE | Posted In: Health, Voices of MBL
A recent MBL study demonstrates that what a bystander says shapes not only what we think about a product, but also how our bodies respond to it. Healthcare providers and patients may use this finding to enhance the effectiveness of medical treatments, suggest the authors of the study, which was...
Oct 4 2016 | NIH | Posted In: Media
Dr. Crum received a 2016 NIH New Innovator Award for her proposed project, "Harnessing Mindset in 21st Century Healthcare." Dr. Crum is one of the only psychologists to ever have received this award, which focuses on high-impact biomedical research.
Sep 28 2016 | Simple Psychology | Posted In: Voices of MBL
Annie Graham has started a blog that seeks to communicate psychological insights in an altogether different way from how such insights are typically conveyed through popular media.